Mercury’s Booker Kel Taylor has been in the industry since 2001 when she worked as a model. She has been coaching ever since her clients asked her to prep her fellow models backstage. In 2010 she began working with both models & actors behind the scenes, and fell in love with a new way to help others. By 2011 she had started her first business, and began making major waves in the industry.

“Don’t wait for the stars to be aligned. Reach up and arrange them in the way you want. Create your own constellation.”

Mercury Management was founded in May 2018 by 3 women who saw a need for change in the industry and grabbed onto the opportunity to create it. We each have worked within many roles in the industry and saw the problems that were occuring within it. Having been in their shoes, we loved the idea of working with talent in a more ethical & progressive way. Our entire goal is to build healthy relationships with talent & with clients, relationships that can last a lifetime.

We provide models & actors to work in the markets of Philadelphia, it’s surrounding areas, New Jersey, New York, Baltimore, & DC. We also work on worldwide castings and have landed jobs in London & Paris.

We charge no upfront costs to sign with us, to receive our castings, nor to book a job. We only make money when our models & actors book jobs. Therefore we will rely on strong, clear communication with our models & actors in order to prep for each individual audition & to satisfy each specific clients wants & needs!

The Team

Láura Campbell

Kelly Nelson

Kel Taylor